The Best Way To Avoid Hangover When Hanging Out

best way to avoid hangover

Meeting up with friends after work is one of the best ways to relieve stress. People usually hangout whether in cafes, restaurant or at home. The most often activity that people do is have snacks and drink beers. However, sometimes people still must go to work the next day. So, it is important for them not to get a hangover at night. The best way to avoid hangover might be a little bit difficult to do, but people could still do it.

best way to avoid hangover

There are many kinds of drinks that could make people drunk. Moreover, each people have a different capability to handle alcohol. Some people are able to drink more than 3 glass without getting a hangover. Meanwhile, some people could easily get drunk with only drinking one glass. Therefore, people must be able to know their capability. Here is the best way to avoid hangover that might help people prevent getting drunk.

1. Avoid Congeners

There are many kinds of drinking that could cause people to get drunk. Try to not to order a drink that contains high alcohol. For example, whiskey, tequila, and cognac. These drinks could easily cause people to get a hangover. As an option for drinking on weekdays, people could choose drinking rum, vodka, and gin. These drinks are saver to drink because it would less make people drunk. However, it still measures the drinks to avoid getting a hangover.

2. Have a Meal Before Drinking

Another best way to avoid hangover when hanging out is to have a meal before drinking. It is important because it could slow down a person to drink much. Sometimes people could drink a lot because their stomach is empty and quite hungry. The other reason why eating food could avoid getting a hangover is that food could keep people’s blood concentration low. Moreover, drinking in an empty stomach is also not healthy.

3. Choose a Mix Drink

The next way to get less hangover is to choose a mixed drink. Try to order a drink that contains soda, juice, fruit, or other. This is because the drink would contain less alcohol. The fewer alcohol people drink the less hangover they would get. Moreover, mixing drinks with other ingredients is healthier and tastier.

4. Take Supplements

A fast and easy best way to avoid hangover is by taking supplements. People could take it whether before or after drinking. There are many kinds of supplements that people could take. Make sure the doses suit the body and there are no allergic reactions. However, if people do not want to take supplements, drinking ginseng and pear cactus are also other options.

5. Avoid Smoking

When hanging out with friends, besides drinking alcohol, people usually smoke. Even though drinking and smoking are the perfect combinations, but it could increase the risk of getting a hangover.  Try to choose whether on drinking or smoking. It does look difficult but it is better than being hangover until the next day.

Hanging out with friends is important to relieve stress. However, it is important to keep being awake from being hangover. The best way to avoid hangover is to limit alcohol and to measure our capability.