how to treat burns from radiation treatment

5 Best Ways On How To Treat Burns From Radiation Treatment

how to treat burns from radiation treatment

If you have had undergone radiation treatment, your skin will tend to burn. This is very normal because it is the effect of radiation treatment. However, you should know how to treat burns from radiation treatment. So, you can avoid various things that harm your skin.

how to treat burns from radiation treatment

Improperly skincare can cause your skin to become irritated. Or, if you treat skin that is exposed to radiation the wrong way it can cause infection. So, here are how to treat burns from radiation treatment that you can do:

1. Protect the Treated Skin Area from Direct Sunlight

You have a higher risk of developing skin cancer in the area if you are undergoing radiation treatment. However, skin cancer will take years to appear. In addition, skin cancer will not appear quickly.

Therefore, you must protect your skin to avoid skin cancer. Protect your skin area from direct sunlight, which can spur skin cancer.

2. Don’t Put Anything Hot or Cold on Your Treated Skin

You will probably feel pain in certain areas of the skin after undergoing radiation treatment. That’s because the area of the skin will become burned due to the effects of radiation. You certainly want to put everything cold or hot on top of your skin area.

Putting ice packs or warm looks tempting for you to reduce pain. In fact, putting an ice pack or warm is not a good idea. That’s because putting anything warm or cold can irritate your skin. So, do not put anything on the skin area, both hot and cold so that the area of your skin heals quickly.

3.  Skip the Hot Tub

Have you ever heard that how to treat burns from radiation treatment is bathing in the hot tub? These rumors state that if you take a bath in a hot tub, you can forget the pain in certain areas of the skin. In fact, bathing in a hot tub can irritate your skin.

In addition, a hot tub is not necessarily really clean, even though you have to take your skin clean seriously. Therefore, to avoid more serious infections, avoid bathing in a hot tub. You can take a shower using water at a normal temperature, which is much friendlier to your skin.

4. Use the Sunscreen

To protect your skin from direct sunlight, you can use sunscreen. However, make sure you use the recommended sunscreen with your care team. Your treatment team will know the best and safest sunscreen for you to use.

Therefore, avoid choosing sunscreen by your own reference so that your skin is not irritated. If your care team forgets to tell you this, you can ask which sunscreen you can use.

5. Cover Your Treated Skin with Sun-Protective Clothing

You should cover your skin treated using the right clothes to protect it from the sun. This is because direct sunlight can irritate the area of your treated skin. So, before you leave the room, make sure you wear sun-protective clothing properly.

You should wear clothes that can hold bright light and not wearing see-through clothes. In addition, you must ensure that you wear loose clothing to be comfortable to wear. You can also use a hat that can protect your head and neck from the sun.

How to treat burns from radiation treatment is not easy. This is because you should not apply any medication to your skin area. Therefore, the best thing to do is to protect your skin from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. Avoid using various medications that are not recommended by your care team.