how to stay healthy with autoimmune disease

Two Best Ways On How To Stay Healthy With Autoimmune Disease

how to stay healthy with autoimmune disease

This day, viruses and any bacteria already do mutation that makes them stronger. People should be more careful about their hygiene because all microbial are ready to attack us wherever we are. But people with the autoimmune disease face some dangerous things more then what we face. They should think twice about how to stay healthy with autoimmune disease which should help secure them from any diseases. 

If you don’t know what is the autoimmune disease is, let me tell you with a small explanation about it. This disease is the abnormalities that make the autoimmune from their body attack its self. This condition is difficult to detect because they can show different symptoms in different sufferers. However, the autoimmune disease has been recorded taking place in women for about 78%. But you don’t need to be worry because this article will give you some tips about how to stay healthy with autoimmune disease.

Give Your Gut Some Love

The main organ you should be taking care of if you had the autoimmune disease is your Gut. The gut has the function to heal and prevent your autoimmune from growing on your body. Scientists have been studied this problem several years ago. As a result, they found that if your gut gets some problems, then it can allow the bacteria to evolve in your blood.

The scientist also found that saturated fat from unhealthy foods can break down healthy bacteria on your gut. So the best way to love your gut is to avoid the high saturated-fat food like cheese, red meat, and milk. You should start eating healthy food like vegetables and fruit. Another way to take care of your gut is by consuming some fermented foods, like yogurts, kimchi, and also some probiotic supplements.

Eat Your Veggies

If you start consuming the probiotic, then you should also be taking care of their life on your gut. They all love consuming some food that contains high fiber on it. For example, you can start consuming Jerusalem artichoke, flaxseed, burdock root, and leek. If those things are hard to found in your area, just consume some apple, onion, garlic, asparagus, or dandelion greens.

Eating some veggies has another good effect on your body, they not only take care of the healthy bacteria but also contain anti-inflammatories. You can eat the high-calcium veggies like mustard greens, cabbage, broccoli, and kale. If you getting bored to eat those things, then try something different. You can combine your food with some mushrooms or give it onion’s flavor. Besides, the squash family also good enough for your body so you can eat some of them.

These are some useful ways you should do on how to stay healthy with autoimmune disease. However, two of them are not enough to make you stay healthy. You should make sure of the cleanliness of your room or your house or doing some sport every morning. It will be better if you doing some consultation with your doctor and ask them the best way to take care of your body.