health benefits of banana

5 Health Benefits Of Banana You Should Know

health benefits of banana

Bananas are one of the fruits found around us.  Many people like this fruit.  The sweet taste is proportional to the many benefits that are also sweet.  Here are 5 health benefits of banana, namely:

1. As a Source of Energy

One of the health benefits of banana is as a source of energy.  Bananas have a sugar content that can convert it into energy.  Therefore, babies and athletes often eat bananas.

Making banana smoothies or one glass of banana juice a day is enough to meet the energy needs of the body. The mixture of smoothies, besides having a good taste, is also beneficial for the body.

2. To Improve Heart Health

Bananas have a lot of potassium content that is beneficial for the heart.  Eating bananas one fruit a day can maintain heart health.

The heart is a very vital organ.  Heart organ can be maximal if there are no spots or other substances that block blood flow.  Therefore, the importance of eating bananas.  Because the content contained in bananas stimulates the heart organ to work optimally.

3. Prevents constipation

Bananas contain a lot of fiber.  That is why this fruit can prevent constipation.  Eating bananas can make bowel movements smoothly. Thus, you can take the health benefits of banana.

Even so, some types of bananas are actually useful for preventing diarrhea and ulcer disease.  That is because the fiber in bananas can be absorbed with the body perfectly. One of them, banana which has a famous name as ‘ Raja’ banana. Even though this banana is rich in fiber to facilitate bowel movements, it is also useful for preventing diarrhea.

4. As a mask to dry up pimples

For those of you who have pimples, you can use a banana mask mixed with honey to dry up pimples.  Acne will disappear and leave no marks. Banana masks are powerful enough to get rid of pimples.  Therefore, it is better to try recipes from these natural ingredients, in order to get great benefits but minimal side effects.

Not only the fruit, but banana peels can also be useful as a mask to dry up pimples.  Therefore, it never hurts to try this recipe for drying stubborn pimples. You can rub banana peels on the face.  In addition to the benefits of the body, you can also use the skin

5. Meet the Needs of Vitamins C and E in the Body

One of health benefits of banana is that banana can meet the needs of vitamins C and E in the body.  Vitamins C and E are useful for processing the body’s metabolism and helping to absorb important substances that are useful for the body.

Adequate vitamin C and E can make the body not susceptible to disease.  Awake body immunity. Good immunity can prevent free radicals.  Therefore eating bananas can help meet the needs of vitamins C and E which are useful for preventing free radicals and maintaining the body’s immune system.

Those are some of the health benefits of banana.  Always provide bananas at home, so that family nutrition is met with benefits.  Bananas have a fairly cheap price but are of great benefit to the body.