first aid for drowning

First Aid for Drowning, 5 Important Steps To Save Someone’s Life

first aid for drowning

Drowning is one of the most deadly accidents in this world. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that drowning leading the causes of injury on the children. However, our society still does not put attention to drowning. It is important to know first aid for drowning so you can save others’ life.

first aid for drowning

Thankfully, we have some safety precautions that made the drowning case reduced in the last few years. Most of us don’t know the right steps to do if someone is drowning in the pool or sea. In this article, we will try to explain to you the first aid for drowning. Above all, you need to be relax at first, don’t be too panic. Here is another way you can do.

1. Get Out of the Water

This priority when someone drowned is brought him out from the water. This way is only for you who can swim and know the right step to bring them. Don’t try to put him on your chest because it can be heavier and make you drown too. Just put him on your back and then drag him slowly to the side.

2. Open His Airway

After you bring them to outside the water, the next important step is to open his airway. You can pull his back head carefully and put his chin into a higher position. Similarly, make him like looking up. After that, put your ear near his mouth and listen to his breath.

3. if He doesn’t Give Any Breathing Signs

Don’t be too panic if he did not give any breathing signs. It is normal because his body has a defense mechanism to stop the water enter his lungs. Pinch his nose and then give slow breath into his mouth with your lips. Give full breath with interval 2-3 seconds in each breath. Give attention to his chest and wait for it to fall before the next breath.

4. If the Chest Rises and Fall

When you give him some air from your breath, the normal condition is his chest will rise and fall. If this happens to him, then you can repeat numbers two and three for a while. But don’t forget to call the medical personal to handle further. They will give him another treatment that can save his life.

5. Give CPR on His Chest

Usually, people will give this to anyone who drowns after take him out of the water. This is the second important thing to do, but never try to give it if you didn’t know the right way. Place your hand above his chest and you should be in crouching position. Make sure your hands in a straight position and press his chest carefully until 5 cm deep.

6. Check his pulse

This is the next important thing when he seems does not give any conscious signal. Put your finger near Adam’s apple and feel his pulse. You can also check his pulse inside the left arm and make sure that he is still alive. If you can feel some pulse, give him one breath every three seconds.

These are some steps in first aid for drowning. Don’t ever think that you’re too late to give help, keep calling the medical personal. Make sure you know to give those first aid treatments above because we never know when someone would drown.