best vegan protein sources

Best Vegan Protein Sources You Can Try to Meet Your Protein Needs

best vegan protein sources

Not consuming meat or any other parts of animals, doesn’t mean you will lack protein. There are many plant-based proteins you can try to consume. And here are some of the best vegan protein sources to meet your protein needs.

1. Wheat Germ

Although it is known as a carbohydrate source, wheat also contains lots of protein. The protein content in wheat germ has complete amino acids. This is very useful for cell growth in the body.

To get the benefits of wheat germ, you can consume it by adding it to some food. Oatmeal and cereal are the common food you can eat with wheat germ. You can also sprinkle it to muffin or pancake as the topping.

2. Lentil

As a type of beans, the lentil has various appearances. The color can be yellow, green, or even black. Some sellers usually sell it in various forms. You can find it with or without a pod, intact or riven, and with various sizes too.

Lentil has about 26g protein in 100g of it. The kind of proteins it contains is isoleucine and lysine. Those substances, that are part of essential amino acids, can help to keep your immunity function and energy regulation. 

3. Chickpea

Rich in protein, chickpea is very suitable to meet the protein needs of vegan. You can boil it, roast it, or put it into a slow cooker. It can also delay your hunger, so it will prevent you from eating snacks.

Recently, it has been found that chickpea extract has a similar character with egg white when you shake it. Therefore, it can be a substitution of egg white for any cuisine. This chickpea extract is named as aquafaba.

4. Edamame

When soybean is still young and green, you can boil it together with the pod. Then, it will be a delicious snack you can eat directly. That is what you can call edamame.

There is 11g protein content in 100g edamame. It means that edamame has more than 10% protein in the beans. And that obviously can be a great choice to meet your protein needs as a vegan.

5. Tempeh and Tofu

Both tempeh and tofu also come from soy fermentation. Nevertheless, there are differences in the process so that the results are also different. Tempeh still has the texture of the soy. Meanwhile, tofu has a soft texture with no soybean appears.

Tempeh has more dense nutrients and calories than tofu. It also contains more fiber. Although nutrients content in tempeh is easier to absorb, you can eat more tofu to get the same nutrients. Therefore, tofu is more suitable for you who want to diet.

6. Soy Milk

It is no wonder if soy is one of the best vegan protein sources. Not only being produced as a meal, but you can also consume it as milk. It is a good alternative for you who can’t drink cow’s milk.

Soy milk has a light and creamy taste. It is fit to eat with cereal or mix with coffee. You can also drink it directly while eating savory food. 

Those are the best vegan protein sources you can try. Don’t be afraid to be vegan because there are always substitutions of animal-based nutrients. So, you will not be lack nutrients include protein.