Knowing The Causes And Best Remedies For Wrist Pain

best remedies for wrist pain

Today people seem chained to their smartphone, video games, or the laptop. Thus, no wonder if the wrist pain is coming to you. As you know that there are many small bones that support the wrist. Those bones are connected by ligaments, and also, there are tendons across it, so you can control the movement of fingers, thumbs, and the wrist itself. Once one of them is injured or gets inflamed, you will feel the pain. In this article, you can find the best remedies for wrist pain anytime, even when you are working at the office.

best remedies for wrist pain

Actually, there are other reasons why someone gets this pain. Besides too many texting or playing game, some activities might cause sprains, such as playing badminton or tennis, doing the job as haircutting, and many others. If you are having this pain or trying to help friends, then tell them these best remedies for wrist pain below:

1. Time to Break

When you feel something wrong with the wrist, then that is the real alarm. You should take a break using a laptop, chatting on WhatsApp, or playing the video game. Break for couples minutes to let your wrist rest. Raise your hand and put it above the heart level. Wait a moment until the pain is relieved.

2. Do Exercise

You are not allowed to do exercise while the pain is still on. This is only for the normal condition because a certain exercise might help to strengthen the muscles. Do stretching and lengthen the muscles and tendons, but, remember, if you have a special condition, you should discuss with the doctor what kind of activities are allowed.

3. Wearing Splints

Sometimes wearing splints can help you to cure the pain. Indeed, it limits you to do something freely, but it is really effective to reduce the squeezing of the nerve. You can find the splints easily, whether you buy online or go to the drug store. While you are wearing the splints, we don’t recommend you to overdo anything.

4. Chill the Pain

Using ice is always the best option for early treatment. Take the ice pouch and put it on the pain side. Let it be there for about 20 to 30 minutes. Then, take out before you put it again after three hours. It is good to know that the pain reduced since the first treatment. But you can repeat to chill it every three or four hours until you don’t feel the pain again.

5. Take a Painkiller

People usually take anti-inflammatory painkillers to reduce the pain. Advil, Motrin, or Aleve might help you to cure the pain and swelling. However, those medicines probably have side effects for you, such as ulcers or even worse the risk of bleeding. So, before you decide to but the painkiller, you should see the doctor first.

However, our tips above about the best remedies for wrist pain are not for hard injuries. When you get an accident and really hurt the wrist, you need to see the doctor directly. Because you might need special treatments, like x-ray, MRI, or others.