Best Remedies For Lower Back Pain Without Taking Medicine

best remedies for lower back pain

Lower back pain is very disturbing because it bothers you to do activities like normal. It might be caused by various cases, for example, you just lifted a heavy thing, or you have a certain medical condition. Whatever the reason is, you are able to relieve the pain without medicine. Because too many medicines are not good. Find out what are the best remedies for lower back pain as your early treatment.

best remedies for lower back pain

If the pain is getting worse and you cannot handle it anymore, don’t buy the medicine by yourself. It is important to see the doctor first. because wrong medicine might cause another bad thing to your body. Moreover, when you have an allergy or intolerance to certain content, there will be a bad reaction afterward. So, before you face that risk, better to try these best remedies for lower back pain below:

1. Chill it

There is nothing best than a block of ice for every injury. Take an ice bag, then place it on your back. Let it lies there for a couple of minutes. If you want to change with something warm, make sure that the pain is reduced. The warm pouch helps you to relax the muscle, not to reduce the pain. We suggest you chill the pain for about 48 hours before putting the warm pouch. During chilling the pain, take 10 minutes in distance to let the skin rest.

2. Don’t Stay

Perhaps, it sounds silly to know the best remedies for lower back pain is keep moving on. As you know that the spines are like the other body parts. They have the right to move, so even you feel back pain, try to do activities slowly. Or, you can have a dog walk, yoga, and etc. Once you feel better, you can increase a little bit the intensity, such as doing aerobic. But remember, don’t overdo it, unless you can hold the pain.

3. Sleep in the Right Position

Some people who cannot handle the pain anymore prefer to lie down their bodies. They think that sleeping can cure this feeling. Indeed, it gives you a little help, but remember, only through the right position. Lie your body on your side, then place a pillow between knees so your spine is in a neutral position. Make sure that you sleep on a comfortable mattress.

4. Reposition Your Sit

Too long sitting in front of your PC might also cause lower back pain. Thus, do stretching is a must every 15 minutes. After stretching, you should aware of your eyes too. If you have to back working, sit in the right position. Slouching is bad, so sit upright with the shoulder relaxed. A pillow behind your back might help to support your body.

5. Forget High Heels

For every woman just forget your high heels in this situation. When your feet try to support your body, you insist the back stays strong. It can make the pain worse and your day won’t be really comfortable. Wear flat shoes is the best solution. If you keep persistent wear the high heels, wait until you see your body posture is unstable.

Those five best remedies for lower back pain are only for early treatment. Remember, if the pain doesn’t go after a few days, you should go to the doctor. Or, once you get numbness in your leg until you cannot stand, there is no excuse anymore to go to the hospital. Because we are afraid you have something bigger to be handled and not too be late.