Benefits Of Dates During Pregnancy For Women

benefits of dates during pregnancy

During pregnancy, women often feel hungry and want to eat all the time. Especially if the pregnancy age has passed the three early months. A pregnant woman should consume more than they usually do. However, they still should keep control of the food they eat. Moreover, they should pay attention to the ingredients and the nutrition of the food. One of the safest foods that women could eat is dates. There are many benefits of dates during pregnancy that people must know.

Women could eat the dates directly, or with other foods as well. Starting with eating it with a cup of ice cream, or a bowl of cereal. Dates are delicious and also safe enough for pregnant women to eat. Even though it tastes sweet, but the sugar inside is healthy for women and their fetus to eat. It is a great alternative for women’s daily snacks. Besides relieving the hungry tummy, here are some other benefits of dates during pregnancy for women.

1. It Gives Energy for Moms

During pregnancy, women would carry the height more than they usually do. That would make them get easily tired and exhausted. That is why it is important for women to gain energy from the food that they eat. With eating dates, women could get more energy from the sweets on dates. But do not worry, the sweets are not dangerous for them to eat. Whereas, the sweets would give pregnant women energy and positive moods.

2. Helps Mom on Constipation

Another problem with pregnant women is getting constipation. One of the benefits of dates during pregnancy for women is to help moms with constipation problems. Dates contain rich fiber that could help women for having a healthy digestive system. Moreover, with high fiber as well, it would to manage a healthy weight and reduce the cholesterol level. With eating dates as well, mom would feel full of just eating several dates.

3. Contains Healthy Nutrition for Mom

Besides contains fiber, dates also contain other healthy nutrition that is useful for the mom. Starting from protein, Vitamin K, iron, and water-salt balance. Protein is great for baby body growth because it produces amino acids. As for iron, it is important for mothers to avoid anemia during pregnancy.

4. Affects the Baby

The nutrition from the dates that women eat, would also affect the baby inside the tummy. The other benefit on dates during pregnancy for women is to help the baby grow while inside the mommy’s tummy. Starting from the growth and health of the bones and teeth, the increase of the baby’s immunity, and to help manage the baby’s blood pressure.

5. Helps on Giving Birth

Research has also proven that a woman who east dates often during their pregnancy, it would affect their labor. Starting from the low risk of the induction need, up to the date of labor that is suitable from the prediction. Moreover, women who often eat dates would also have faster labor as well.

As a conclusion, dates are not only tasty but it is also healthy to eat. There are many benefits of dates during pregnancy for women. Whether for the moms and the babies as well.