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Benefits Of Dates During Pregnancy For Women

benefits of dates during pregnancy

During pregnancy, women often feel hungry and want to eat all the time. Especially if the pregnancy age has passed the three early months. A pregnant woman should consume more than they usually do. However, they still should keep control of the food they eat. Moreover, they should pay attention to the ingredients and the nutrition of the food. One of the safest foods that women could eat is dates. There are many benefits of dates during pregnancy that people must know.

Women could eat the dates directly, or with other foods as well. Starting with eating it with a cup of ice cream, or a bowl of cereal. Dates are delicious and also safe enough for pregnant women to eat. Even though it tastes sweet, but the sugar inside is healthy for women and their fetus to eat. It is a great alternative for women’s daily snacks. Besides relieving the hungry tummy, here are some other benefits of dates during pregnancy for women.

1. It Gives Energy for Moms

During pregnancy, women would carry the height more than they usually do. That would make them get easily tired and exhausted. That is why it is important for women to gain energy from the food that they eat. With eating dates, women could get more energy from the sweets on dates. But do not worry, the sweets are not dangerous for them to eat. Whereas, the sweets would give pregnant women energy and positive moods.

2. Helps Mom on Constipation

Another problem with pregnant women is getting constipation. One of the benefits of dates during pregnancy for women is to help moms with constipation problems. Dates contain rich fiber that could help women for having a healthy digestive system. Moreover, with high fiber as well, it would to manage a healthy weight and reduce the cholesterol level. With eating dates as well, mom would feel full of just eating several dates.

3. Contains Healthy Nutrition for Mom

Besides contains fiber, dates also contain other healthy nutrition that is useful for the mom. Starting from protein, Vitamin K, iron, and water-salt balance. Protein is great for baby body growth because it produces amino acids. As for iron, it is important for mothers to avoid anemia during pregnancy.

4. Affects the Baby

The nutrition from the dates that women eat, would also affect the baby inside the tummy. The other benefit on dates during pregnancy for women is to help the baby grow while inside the mommy’s tummy. Starting from the growth and health of the bones and teeth, the increase of the baby’s immunity, and to help manage the baby’s blood pressure.

5. Helps on Giving Birth

Research has also proven that a woman who east dates often during their pregnancy, it would affect their labor. Starting from the low risk of the induction need, up to the date of labor that is suitable from the prediction. Moreover, women who often eat dates would also have faster labor as well.

As a conclusion, dates are not only tasty but it is also healthy to eat. There are many benefits of dates during pregnancy for women. Whether for the moms and the babies as well.

How To Get Free From Blocked Nose Easily

how to get free from blocked nose

When you are not felt okay and get a blocked nose, you will get an annoying moment. When you talk, your voice will sound funny and it is uncomfortable for you to talk with someone. Also, when you do the activity, you will feel a little bit hard to breathe in. But now, you don’t need to be worried again because we will give you the right ways how to get free from blocked nose. Check these out!

1. Use a Humidifier

Outside there available some people who have an allergic reaction into wet air. Also, people with sinus diagnosed before need more humidity in wherever they are. That’s why this can be one of the best solutions for you to get free from a blocked nose. A humidifier will release the water into the air slowly and then change the humidity in a room. If you had a sinus problem, then high humidity can help you recover faster.

2. Take a Shower

When people usually warn you to not take a bath when you had a flu, it is honestly wrong. But it could be the right opinion when you take a shower under the cold water, not the warm one. Try to take a shower with hot water so your flu will be better than before. The steam from the hot water, while you take a shower, will reduce your inflammation on your nose. Try to take a breath as normal as you can so the steam can enter your nose further.

3. Stay Hydrated

Something that blocked your nose is usually a liquid that gets thicken as the reaction for something wrong. When you had a blocked nose, you need to fulfill your body needs to liquid. You can drink something like water, juice, or sports drinks but water will be the best choice. Above all, if you drink warm water, it can make your nose free even it just for a while. All of these liquids will help reduce the pressure in the nasal area so you will also get less irritation.

4. Use a Saline Spray

People get the trust that saltwater can help you reduce the blocked nose for a long time. The best way to let the saltwater enter the nausea area is by using a saline spray. The saline spray will increase the moisture in your nausea and make the liquid disappear. However, You can also find some saline sprays with measure medicine on the drugstore. But, make sure you have talked to your doctor before for the right dose and reduce the risk.

5. Use a Warm Compress

Did you still remember when your mother put a warm towel into your forehead when you get flu? Well, some researches find that it can be the best answer to the question “how to get free from blocked nose?” All you need to do is just soak the towel into warm water and then squeeze it for a while. After that, put it into your forehead so your high temperature will be reduced.

These are some of the best answers on how to get free from blocked nose we can give. You may have ever heard all of them before but these all are the best ways you can find. Above all, don’t forget to talk to your doctor when your blocked nose is going for more than 4 days. 

Reasons To Stop Drinking Alcohol That Will Change Your Life

reasons to stop drinking alcohol

Drinking alcohol for some people is fun and is a way to relieve their stress. This may be fun at the beginning but when you get addicted to it, it is no longer fun. Getting addicted to alcohol can ruin your life and also the people around you. Therefore, try to stop because there are a lot of reasons to stop drinking alcohol that you will feel.

reasons to stop drinking alcohol

Some people think it is impossible to stop drinking alcohol especially if they are already addicted to it. However, nothing is impossible including curing your issues in drinking. Try to ask help from your closest one to help you lessen up the number of your drinks. If this is not effective, then ask the help of an expert to help you solve your drinking problems. Once you have stopped drinking, it is sure you will feel many advantages in your life. Here are the reasons to stop drinking alcohol that will change your life:

1. Not Healthy for Your Body

Many people don’t realize that drinking alcohol makes the body suffer more and fragile. Usually, after a night of drinking their body will get pain and throw up. The next day when they wake up, they usually get all dizzy and is hard to move their body. So, if you stop drinking alcohol you won’t need to face this problem in your body. You will feel fresh and healthier every day without any drama. With a fresh body and mind, you can start the day better than those who have a hangout with alcohol.

2. Dry Skin – Look Older

Believe it or not, alcohol tends to make people look older than their age. Alcohol isn’t good for the skin because it is diuretic, which means it dehydrates the body. Therefore, if you don’t balance the liquid in your body you can get hydrated and the skin will dry out. This is also the cause of redness on your skin if you get hangout. So, if you stop drinking, your skin will get better and you will look much better without having to drink.

3. Waste of Money

Drinking alcohol is a waste of money because after drinking it you don’t feel any benefit. Therefore, if you don’t want to throw away your money stop drinking alcohol. By not drinking alcohol, you can save up your money for more important things. Anyway, there are many other ways people can relieve their stress and have fun.

4. Isolated with People

One of the reasons to stop drinking alcohol is to stop avoiding problems. People who drink alcohol usually face problems with communication and isolate themself from other people. Therefore, to prevent and cure this problem it is best to stop drinking and cause problems.

5. Gain Weight

Alcohol contains a lot of calories, which can make people gain weight. Therefore, people who drink alcohol usually have a big stomach and usually become bigger than usual. This is one of the causes of people becomes lazy and unhealthy. So, stop drinking and lose some weight so you can have a fresh body.

There are a lot of reasons to stop drinking alcohol compared to the advantages people will get from drinking it. It may be hard to stop drinking but nothing is impossible if they try and try. Fighting alone is hard, therefore ask the people around to help and support your mission. Stop drinking alcohol can really give you a positive change in your life.

Home Healthy Infused Water Recipes For Weight Loss

healthy infused water recipes for weight loss

There are a lot of alternatives and options for people to lose weight. Starting from exercising, going on a diet, taking pills, and more. Not all people are able to lose weight because the process is not easy. However, there are simple and fun ways to help the process. One of them is drinking infused water. There are many healthy infused water recipes for weight loss that people could use.

healthy infused water recipes for weight loss

Even though it is a recipe for losing weight, but then it is tasty yet fresh. Moreover, infused water is not difficult to use. The ingredients are mostly easy to get so that people could make by themselves at home. It is healthy and tasty for the whole family to drink. However, there are some ingredients that people are not allowed to drink every day. Here are some great home healthy infused water recipes for weight loss that people could try.

1. Lemon and Cucumber

When talking about weight loss, one of the effective ways to help it is with detoxing the body. A great recipe to help the body detox is with using lemon and cucumber. Prepare water with some slices of cucumber and slices of lemons. Not only it would help the body is detoxing the bad items in our body, but it also has other functions. Starting from increasing the body immune, giving a prettier skin, and also lose weight.

2. Lemon and Apple Cider Vinegar

The next home healthy infused water recipes for weight loss are with using lemon, water, and apple cider vinegar. The main function of this recipe is to get rid of bacteria from the body, especially out of the belly. Getting rid of the bacteria from the belly, it would help people to get a flat tummy.

3. Lemon and Cayenne Pepper

This recipe might taste funny and unique. By combining water, lemon, and cayenne pepper, the drinking would taste slightly spicy but fresh. There are many functions with drinking this recipe. Starting from helping the digestion, detox the body, and to boost the body metabolism. Moreover, if people drink it during breakfast, it would help the body to decrease hunger. People would then eat less for the rest of the day.

4. Fresh Berries Water

One of the best and delicious home healthy infused water recipes for weight loss is with using fruits. There are a lot of fruits that people could use. One of the fruits that people could use is a combination of berries. Using blackberry, strawberry, and water, could boost the body’s immune and help weight loss. Moreover, these fruits also contain lower sugar that is healthy.

5. Mango and Ginger

The next recipe that people could use is the combination of mango, ginger, and water. Cut the mangos into slices, and squish the ginger into the water. The taste is fresh with some spicy warm taste from the ginger. Not only this recipe would help the body to metabolism better, but it would also help the weight loss.

With infused water, it is a healthy yet tasty way to help to lose weight. There are many home healthy infused water recipes for weight loss that people could use. Remember to drink it often for a better result.

Knowing The Causes And Best Remedies For Wrist Pain

best remedies for wrist pain

Today people seem chained to their smartphone, video games, or the laptop. Thus, no wonder if the wrist pain is coming to you. As you know that there are many small bones that support the wrist. Those bones are connected by ligaments, and also, there are tendons across it, so you can control the movement of fingers, thumbs, and the wrist itself. Once one of them is injured or gets inflamed, you will feel the pain. In this article, you can find the best remedies for wrist pain anytime, even when you are working at the office.

best remedies for wrist pain

Actually, there are other reasons why someone gets this pain. Besides too many texting or playing game, some activities might cause sprains, such as playing badminton or tennis, doing the job as haircutting, and many others. If you are having this pain or trying to help friends, then tell them these best remedies for wrist pain below:

1. Time to Break

When you feel something wrong with the wrist, then that is the real alarm. You should take a break using a laptop, chatting on WhatsApp, or playing the video game. Break for couples minutes to let your wrist rest. Raise your hand and put it above the heart level. Wait a moment until the pain is relieved.

2. Do Exercise

You are not allowed to do exercise while the pain is still on. This is only for the normal condition because a certain exercise might help to strengthen the muscles. Do stretching and lengthen the muscles and tendons, but, remember, if you have a special condition, you should discuss with the doctor what kind of activities are allowed.

3. Wearing Splints

Sometimes wearing splints can help you to cure the pain. Indeed, it limits you to do something freely, but it is really effective to reduce the squeezing of the nerve. You can find the splints easily, whether you buy online or go to the drug store. While you are wearing the splints, we don’t recommend you to overdo anything.

4. Chill the Pain

Using ice is always the best option for early treatment. Take the ice pouch and put it on the pain side. Let it be there for about 20 to 30 minutes. Then, take out before you put it again after three hours. It is good to know that the pain reduced since the first treatment. But you can repeat to chill it every three or four hours until you don’t feel the pain again.

5. Take a Painkiller

People usually take anti-inflammatory painkillers to reduce the pain. Advil, Motrin, or Aleve might help you to cure the pain and swelling. However, those medicines probably have side effects for you, such as ulcers or even worse the risk of bleeding. So, before you decide to but the painkiller, you should see the doctor first.

However, our tips above about the best remedies for wrist pain are not for hard injuries. When you get an accident and really hurt the wrist, you need to see the doctor directly. Because you might need special treatments, like x-ray, MRI, or others.

The Best Remedies for Nausea You Can Try At Home!

best remedies for nausea

We should be familiar with nausea, a condition when our body trying to eject something from the stomach. This usually happens when you eat the wrong food or when you travel by car. Nausea will give you a bad condition and it is an uncomfortable thing. You will not tasty to eat, sleep and do another activity. But you don’t need to be worry because we will give you some best remedies for nausea.

best remedies for nausea

However, nausea is a signal from your body when there available some toxics. Not only the toxics but disease can also make you had nausea for a long time. For example, it can happen when our body had any infection or the side effect of medicines. The pregnant mother usually had nausea for the first 3 months and it is reasonable. Here are some of the best remedies for nausea you can try at home.

1. Eat Ginger

Ginger is a popular traditional medicine for many diseases from a long time ago. Old people in Asia usually consume ginger as daily medication in the morning. There is no study yet about the most effective dosage of ginger to consume. People usually consume dried ginger for 0.5 to 1.5 grams each day. But, if you had low blood pressure history, you should reduce the amount of ginger to consume.

2. Peppermint Aromatherapy

If you want to reduce the nausea effect, peppermint aromatherapy can be another alternative to choose. The scientist has found that peppermint can reduce nausea near 57% from all the cases they researched. However, peppermint will give you a comfortable feeling in your stomach because of its aroma. But, this way is not worth in everyone. Peppermint aromatherapy may cause your nausea getting worse than before.

3. Try to do Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a traditional technique that comes from China in the old century. This technique can worth every disease as long as you press the right spot. For nausea, you can push the spot in the middle of your inner wrist. Press down this spot with your thumb for about 1-2 minutes and repeating until you feel better. There is no scientific research in this technique but it worth some people outside there.

4. Slice a Lemon

Based on scientific research on 100 pregnant women, they got that lemon can reduce nausea. They explain that slicing a lemon during nausea will release some aroma to the air. If you inhale that aroma, you will feel better than before because it gives you a relaxation impact. On the other hand, you can also use almond essential oil if you did not have any lemon on your home. These kinds of stuff produce a smooth citrusy smell that helps reduce nausea.

These are some of the best remedies for nausea we can highly recommend to you. All of these ways are so simple and you can do it by yourself almost in anywhere. You don’t need to worry about the side effect because we use natural ingredients. If your nausea gets worse, then it is better when you check it to your doctor. It will be better to spend some money than risk yourself for a longer time.

Best Remedies For Lower Back Pain Without Taking Medicine

best remedies for lower back pain

Lower back pain is very disturbing because it bothers you to do activities like normal. It might be caused by various cases, for example, you just lifted a heavy thing, or you have a certain medical condition. Whatever the reason is, you are able to relieve the pain without medicine. Because too many medicines are not good. Find out what are the best remedies for lower back pain as your early treatment.

best remedies for lower back pain

If the pain is getting worse and you cannot handle it anymore, don’t buy the medicine by yourself. It is important to see the doctor first. because wrong medicine might cause another bad thing to your body. Moreover, when you have an allergy or intolerance to certain content, there will be a bad reaction afterward. So, before you face that risk, better to try these best remedies for lower back pain below:

1. Chill it

There is nothing best than a block of ice for every injury. Take an ice bag, then place it on your back. Let it lies there for a couple of minutes. If you want to change with something warm, make sure that the pain is reduced. The warm pouch helps you to relax the muscle, not to reduce the pain. We suggest you chill the pain for about 48 hours before putting the warm pouch. During chilling the pain, take 10 minutes in distance to let the skin rest.

2. Don’t Stay

Perhaps, it sounds silly to know the best remedies for lower back pain is keep moving on. As you know that the spines are like the other body parts. They have the right to move, so even you feel back pain, try to do activities slowly. Or, you can have a dog walk, yoga, and etc. Once you feel better, you can increase a little bit the intensity, such as doing aerobic. But remember, don’t overdo it, unless you can hold the pain.

3. Sleep in the Right Position

Some people who cannot handle the pain anymore prefer to lie down their bodies. They think that sleeping can cure this feeling. Indeed, it gives you a little help, but remember, only through the right position. Lie your body on your side, then place a pillow between knees so your spine is in a neutral position. Make sure that you sleep on a comfortable mattress.

4. Reposition Your Sit

Too long sitting in front of your PC might also cause lower back pain. Thus, do stretching is a must every 15 minutes. After stretching, you should aware of your eyes too. If you have to back working, sit in the right position. Slouching is bad, so sit upright with the shoulder relaxed. A pillow behind your back might help to support your body.

5. Forget High Heels

For every woman just forget your high heels in this situation. When your feet try to support your body, you insist the back stays strong. It can make the pain worse and your day won’t be really comfortable. Wear flat shoes is the best solution. If you keep persistent wear the high heels, wait until you see your body posture is unstable.

Those five best remedies for lower back pain are only for early treatment. Remember, if the pain doesn’t go after a few days, you should go to the doctor. Or, once you get numbness in your leg until you cannot stand, there is no excuse anymore to go to the hospital. Because we are afraid you have something bigger to be handled and not too be late.

5 Best Ways On How To Treat Burns From Radiation Treatment

how to treat burns from radiation treatment

If you have had undergone radiation treatment, your skin will tend to burn. This is very normal because it is the effect of radiation treatment. However, you should know how to treat burns from radiation treatment. So, you can avoid various things that harm your skin.

how to treat burns from radiation treatment

Improperly skincare can cause your skin to become irritated. Or, if you treat skin that is exposed to radiation the wrong way it can cause infection. So, here are how to treat burns from radiation treatment that you can do:

1. Protect the Treated Skin Area from Direct Sunlight

You have a higher risk of developing skin cancer in the area if you are undergoing radiation treatment. However, skin cancer will take years to appear. In addition, skin cancer will not appear quickly.

Therefore, you must protect your skin to avoid skin cancer. Protect your skin area from direct sunlight, which can spur skin cancer.

2. Don’t Put Anything Hot or Cold on Your Treated Skin

You will probably feel pain in certain areas of the skin after undergoing radiation treatment. That’s because the area of the skin will become burned due to the effects of radiation. You certainly want to put everything cold or hot on top of your skin area.

Putting ice packs or warm looks tempting for you to reduce pain. In fact, putting an ice pack or warm is not a good idea. That’s because putting anything warm or cold can irritate your skin. So, do not put anything on the skin area, both hot and cold so that the area of your skin heals quickly.

3.  Skip the Hot Tub

Have you ever heard that how to treat burns from radiation treatment is bathing in the hot tub? These rumors state that if you take a bath in a hot tub, you can forget the pain in certain areas of the skin. In fact, bathing in a hot tub can irritate your skin.

In addition, a hot tub is not necessarily really clean, even though you have to take your skin clean seriously. Therefore, to avoid more serious infections, avoid bathing in a hot tub. You can take a shower using water at a normal temperature, which is much friendlier to your skin.

4. Use the Sunscreen

To protect your skin from direct sunlight, you can use sunscreen. However, make sure you use the recommended sunscreen with your care team. Your treatment team will know the best and safest sunscreen for you to use.

Therefore, avoid choosing sunscreen by your own reference so that your skin is not irritated. If your care team forgets to tell you this, you can ask which sunscreen you can use.

5. Cover Your Treated Skin with Sun-Protective Clothing

You should cover your skin treated using the right clothes to protect it from the sun. This is because direct sunlight can irritate the area of your treated skin. So, before you leave the room, make sure you wear sun-protective clothing properly.

You should wear clothes that can hold bright light and not wearing see-through clothes. In addition, you must ensure that you wear loose clothing to be comfortable to wear. You can also use a hat that can protect your head and neck from the sun.

How to treat burns from radiation treatment is not easy. This is because you should not apply any medication to your skin area. Therefore, the best thing to do is to protect your skin from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. Avoid using various medications that are not recommended by your care team.

The Best Way To Avoid Hangover When Hanging Out

best way to avoid hangover

Meeting up with friends after work is one of the best ways to relieve stress. People usually hangout whether in cafes, restaurant or at home. The most often activity that people do is have snacks and drink beers. However, sometimes people still must go to work the next day. So, it is important for them not to get a hangover at night. The best way to avoid hangover might be a little bit difficult to do, but people could still do it.

best way to avoid hangover

There are many kinds of drinks that could make people drunk. Moreover, each people have a different capability to handle alcohol. Some people are able to drink more than 3 glass without getting a hangover. Meanwhile, some people could easily get drunk with only drinking one glass. Therefore, people must be able to know their capability. Here is the best way to avoid hangover that might help people prevent getting drunk.

1. Avoid Congeners

There are many kinds of drinking that could cause people to get drunk. Try to not to order a drink that contains high alcohol. For example, whiskey, tequila, and cognac. These drinks could easily cause people to get a hangover. As an option for drinking on weekdays, people could choose drinking rum, vodka, and gin. These drinks are saver to drink because it would less make people drunk. However, it still measures the drinks to avoid getting a hangover.

2. Have a Meal Before Drinking

Another best way to avoid hangover when hanging out is to have a meal before drinking. It is important because it could slow down a person to drink much. Sometimes people could drink a lot because their stomach is empty and quite hungry. The other reason why eating food could avoid getting a hangover is that food could keep people’s blood concentration low. Moreover, drinking in an empty stomach is also not healthy.

3. Choose a Mix Drink

The next way to get less hangover is to choose a mixed drink. Try to order a drink that contains soda, juice, fruit, or other. This is because the drink would contain less alcohol. The fewer alcohol people drink the less hangover they would get. Moreover, mixing drinks with other ingredients is healthier and tastier.

4. Take Supplements

A fast and easy best way to avoid hangover is by taking supplements. People could take it whether before or after drinking. There are many kinds of supplements that people could take. Make sure the doses suit the body and there are no allergic reactions. However, if people do not want to take supplements, drinking ginseng and pear cactus are also other options.

5. Avoid Smoking

When hanging out with friends, besides drinking alcohol, people usually smoke. Even though drinking and smoking are the perfect combinations, but it could increase the risk of getting a hangover.  Try to choose whether on drinking or smoking. It does look difficult but it is better than being hangover until the next day.

Hanging out with friends is important to relieve stress. However, it is important to keep being awake from being hangover. The best way to avoid hangover is to limit alcohol and to measure our capability.

Knowing On How Coronavirus Spread To Human

how coronavirus spread

These days, a storm hit the world with a new virus from China called Coronavirus. It is one of the dangerous viruses that attack humans and could cause seriously ill. Moreover, some people have already died because of this virus. A lot of countries are aware to fight and avoid this virus. Besides knowing how to avoid, it is also important that people know about how coronavirus spread. It could be the anticipation for everyone.

how coronavirus spread

The indications from this virus look alike like a normal flu virus. People would get flu with a fever and cough. However, what makes it different is that people would also feel the disruption in their breathing. That is why people need to be healthy and fit to avoid this virus. To be more aware here is some mediator on how coronavirus spread.

1. Transmission from Liquid

People could get coronavirus from others through a liquid. The liquid here means liquid from a human’s body. For example, it could spread through saliva, cough and when we sneeze. Moreover, people could easily get contaminated within just meters. That is why, once a person gets this virus, they would also cough and sneeze for the first. After that, they would get a fever as well.

2. Transmission from Air

Another way of how coronavirus spread is by air. Like diseases such as flu, norovirus, SARA, and others, coronavirus could also spread through the air. That is why people around the world often use maskers to avoid the virus. The masker also is not the usual masker that we use in hospitals. But there is a special masker that is able to avoid the virus. Just through breathing, this virus could also spread to each other.

3. Transmission from Contact

The next thing that people could get coronavirus is from touchable contact. That is why it is better to avoid direct contact with people that might expose to this virus. The virus could spread through each skin and opened a scar. That is why people should often wash their hands and keep a distance from people that are ill. At the hospital, the officers also use complete clothing to avoid direct contact with the patient.

4. Transmission from Mucus

Besides liquid and direct contact, another way how coronavirus spread is through mucus. Mucus here means saliva and blood. That is why do not share the same eating equipment and other items that might touch other’s mucus. Being hygiene is important to avoid this virus. Often wash the items that often go inside our bodies, such as a spoon, glass, and more.

5. Transmission from Animals

The main reason this virus got into a human is from animals. Even though there has not been any official scientist explanation but there are already a lot of rumors. Animals such as a bat, snacks, mice, and frogs are known to spread this virus to a human. Not only from keeping near to the animals but also from eating their meat.

There are many ways how coronavirus spread to humans. Moreover, the virus could spread easily to other people. However, there are also many ways to avoid this virus. Remember to always stay healthy and fit to avoid any kind of virus.