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4 Ways on How to Get Rid of Body Smell to Be More Confidence

how to get rid of body smell

Having a body odor surely makes you and the other around you feel uncomfortable. So, what are the methods on how to get rid of body smell?

For both men and women, body odor is a problem that can’t be ignored. Not only make you feel uncomfortable but it also causes a problem for others as well. The smell that lingering around your body can also become the cause of the lack of confidence.

The body odor can happen because the bacterias that live in your body breakdown the protein into certain acids. And the smell can get stronger depending on gender, diet, health condition, and medication. If you think that your body smell makes you uncomfortable, here are some methods to get rid of your body smell:

1. Keep The Body Clean

One of the methods on how to get rid of body smell is by having your body always clean. You should take a bath at least once a day to wash the sweat from your body. Although sweat usually is odorless, when contacting and mixing with the bacterias in your body, it will smell bad.

So, to prevent it, clean the sweat is the best way. To get free from the bad smell, you can wash the sweat in some parts of your body such as armpits, and feet. Those are the part of your body which tend to produce a lot of sweat.

2. Use Antibacterial Soap and Deodorant

As you know, the cause of body smell is the acids from the bacterias. So, remove some of the bacterias in your body will greatly improve your body odor. To do that, you can use antibacterial soap when you take a bath. Even though it can get rid of all of the bacterias, at least it can reduce the numbers thus also help your body odor.

Asides from the soap, you can also try to apply deodorant on your armpit. It can make your skin more acidic. As a result, the bacteria’s numbers will decrease as an acid environment make them difficult to thrive.

3. Wear The Right Clothes

You can reduce your body odor by wearing the right clothes made from natural fibers such as silk, cotton, and wool. The clothes made from those materials allow your skin to breathe easily thus makes the sweat evaporate better. As a result, your body will less smelly.

On the opposite, man-made fabrics such as spandex and polyester make the bacterias grow quicker and make your body smell get worse.

4. Be Careful of What You Eat

Some cases of bad body odor are caused by the food you’re eating. Spicy food, garlic, red meat, and excess caffeine or alcohol are some foods that likely will make your body smelly. That’s why it’s better to avoid those foods.

Though some foods can make your body odor worse, there are several foods that can improve your body odor. Fruits, herbs, and yogurts are examples of the foods that you can eat to get rid of your body smell.

Having a body smell is surely problematic. But, with the methods on how to get rid of body smell, you can be free or at least improve your body odor. And gain your confidence once more.

Best Vegan Protein Sources You Can Try to Meet Your Protein Needs

best vegan protein sources

Not consuming meat or any other parts of animals, doesn’t mean you will lack protein. There are many plant-based proteins you can try to consume. And here are some of the best vegan protein sources to meet your protein needs.

1. Wheat Germ

Although it is known as a carbohydrate source, wheat also contains lots of protein. The protein content in wheat germ has complete amino acids. This is very useful for cell growth in the body.

To get the benefits of wheat germ, you can consume it by adding it to some food. Oatmeal and cereal are the common food you can eat with wheat germ. You can also sprinkle it to muffin or pancake as the topping.

2. Lentil

As a type of beans, the lentil has various appearances. The color can be yellow, green, or even black. Some sellers usually sell it in various forms. You can find it with or without a pod, intact or riven, and with various sizes too.

Lentil has about 26g protein in 100g of it. The kind of proteins it contains is isoleucine and lysine. Those substances, that are part of essential amino acids, can help to keep your immunity function and energy regulation. 

3. Chickpea

Rich in protein, chickpea is very suitable to meet the protein needs of vegan. You can boil it, roast it, or put it into a slow cooker. It can also delay your hunger, so it will prevent you from eating snacks.

Recently, it has been found that chickpea extract has a similar character with egg white when you shake it. Therefore, it can be a substitution of egg white for any cuisine. This chickpea extract is named as aquafaba.

4. Edamame

When soybean is still young and green, you can boil it together with the pod. Then, it will be a delicious snack you can eat directly. That is what you can call edamame.

There is 11g protein content in 100g edamame. It means that edamame has more than 10% protein in the beans. And that obviously can be a great choice to meet your protein needs as a vegan.

5. Tempeh and Tofu

Both tempeh and tofu also come from soy fermentation. Nevertheless, there are differences in the process so that the results are also different. Tempeh still has the texture of the soy. Meanwhile, tofu has a soft texture with no soybean appears.

Tempeh has more dense nutrients and calories than tofu. It also contains more fiber. Although nutrients content in tempeh is easier to absorb, you can eat more tofu to get the same nutrients. Therefore, tofu is more suitable for you who want to diet.

6. Soy Milk

It is no wonder if soy is one of the best vegan protein sources. Not only being produced as a meal, but you can also consume it as milk. It is a good alternative for you who can’t drink cow’s milk.

Soy milk has a light and creamy taste. It is fit to eat with cereal or mix with coffee. You can also drink it directly while eating savory food. 

Those are the best vegan protein sources you can try. Don’t be afraid to be vegan because there are always substitutions of animal-based nutrients. So, you will not be lack nutrients include protein.

Two Best Ways On How To Stay Healthy With Autoimmune Disease

how to stay healthy with autoimmune disease

This day, viruses and any bacteria already do mutation that makes them stronger. People should be more careful about their hygiene because all microbial are ready to attack us wherever we are. But people with the autoimmune disease face some dangerous things more then what we face. They should think twice about how to stay healthy with autoimmune disease which should help secure them from any diseases. 

If you don’t know what is the autoimmune disease is, let me tell you with a small explanation about it. This disease is the abnormalities that make the autoimmune from their body attack its self. This condition is difficult to detect because they can show different symptoms in different sufferers. However, the autoimmune disease has been recorded taking place in women for about 78%. But you don’t need to be worry because this article will give you some tips about how to stay healthy with autoimmune disease.

Give Your Gut Some Love

The main organ you should be taking care of if you had the autoimmune disease is your Gut. The gut has the function to heal and prevent your autoimmune from growing on your body. Scientists have been studied this problem several years ago. As a result, they found that if your gut gets some problems, then it can allow the bacteria to evolve in your blood.

The scientist also found that saturated fat from unhealthy foods can break down healthy bacteria on your gut. So the best way to love your gut is to avoid the high saturated-fat food like cheese, red meat, and milk. You should start eating healthy food like vegetables and fruit. Another way to take care of your gut is by consuming some fermented foods, like yogurts, kimchi, and also some probiotic supplements.

Eat Your Veggies

If you start consuming the probiotic, then you should also be taking care of their life on your gut. They all love consuming some food that contains high fiber on it. For example, you can start consuming Jerusalem artichoke, flaxseed, burdock root, and leek. If those things are hard to found in your area, just consume some apple, onion, garlic, asparagus, or dandelion greens.

Eating some veggies has another good effect on your body, they not only take care of the healthy bacteria but also contain anti-inflammatories. You can eat the high-calcium veggies like mustard greens, cabbage, broccoli, and kale. If you getting bored to eat those things, then try something different. You can combine your food with some mushrooms or give it onion’s flavor. Besides, the squash family also good enough for your body so you can eat some of them.

These are some useful ways you should do on how to stay healthy with autoimmune disease. However, two of them are not enough to make you stay healthy. You should make sure of the cleanliness of your room or your house or doing some sport every morning. It will be better if you doing some consultation with your doctor and ask them the best way to take care of your body.

5 Health Benefits Of Banana You Should Know

health benefits of banana

Bananas are one of the fruits found around us.  Many people like this fruit.  The sweet taste is proportional to the many benefits that are also sweet.  Here are 5 health benefits of banana, namely:

1. As a Source of Energy

One of the health benefits of banana is as a source of energy.  Bananas have a sugar content that can convert it into energy.  Therefore, babies and athletes often eat bananas.

Making banana smoothies or one glass of banana juice a day is enough to meet the energy needs of the body. The mixture of smoothies, besides having a good taste, is also beneficial for the body.

2. To Improve Heart Health

Bananas have a lot of potassium content that is beneficial for the heart.  Eating bananas one fruit a day can maintain heart health.

The heart is a very vital organ.  Heart organ can be maximal if there are no spots or other substances that block blood flow.  Therefore, the importance of eating bananas.  Because the content contained in bananas stimulates the heart organ to work optimally.

3. Prevents constipation

Bananas contain a lot of fiber.  That is why this fruit can prevent constipation.  Eating bananas can make bowel movements smoothly. Thus, you can take the health benefits of banana.

Even so, some types of bananas are actually useful for preventing diarrhea and ulcer disease.  That is because the fiber in bananas can be absorbed with the body perfectly. One of them, banana which has a famous name as ‘ Raja’ banana. Even though this banana is rich in fiber to facilitate bowel movements, it is also useful for preventing diarrhea.

4. As a mask to dry up pimples

For those of you who have pimples, you can use a banana mask mixed with honey to dry up pimples.  Acne will disappear and leave no marks. Banana masks are powerful enough to get rid of pimples.  Therefore, it is better to try recipes from these natural ingredients, in order to get great benefits but minimal side effects.

Not only the fruit, but banana peels can also be useful as a mask to dry up pimples.  Therefore, it never hurts to try this recipe for drying stubborn pimples. You can rub banana peels on the face.  In addition to the benefits of the body, you can also use the skin

5. Meet the Needs of Vitamins C and E in the Body

One of health benefits of banana is that banana can meet the needs of vitamins C and E in the body.  Vitamins C and E are useful for processing the body’s metabolism and helping to absorb important substances that are useful for the body.

Adequate vitamin C and E can make the body not susceptible to disease.  Awake body immunity. Good immunity can prevent free radicals.  Therefore eating bananas can help meet the needs of vitamins C and E which are useful for preventing free radicals and maintaining the body’s immune system.

Those are some of the health benefits of banana.  Always provide bananas at home, so that family nutrition is met with benefits.  Bananas have a fairly cheap price but are of great benefit to the body.

Turmeric Benefits for Health That People Should Aware

turmeric benefits for health

If you know ginger, then you will not be strange with turmeric. Turmeric is a kind of ginger that people in India usually use as an ingredient in India. They also use turmeric as a medicine because there are many turmeric benefits for health. By making or putting this ingredient into your food, you can get many health benefits from it.

The taste of turmeric may not be delicious especially if you don’t mix anything with it. To get the benefit from this ingredient, people can put them in the foods they make. Or cut a slice or two and put them in boiled water and consume then when they are warm. So, what is the turmeric benefits for health that people can feel after consuming it?

1. Relieve Pain

If you feel pain for any kind of reason, try consuming turmeric in a drink. Many people including doctors have admitted that the spice in turmeric helps relieve pain. Studies have even shown that turmeric can work as well as ibuprofen to relieve pain inside a human’s body. People usually consume this medicine when they feel pain in their bodies. Therefore, rather than consuming a medicine why not consume something herbal like turmeric. It is recommended to consume this herbal around 800mg/ day to relieve your pain.

2. Improves Liver Function

The studies that have been going shows that the antioxidant abilities in turmeric are good for the liver function. The antioxidant in turmeric is very powerful that it can help protect the liver from getting damaged by toxins. Even though it is not official yet, but this is sure a great finding for people who have diabetes problems. Or people who are facing health problems and taking strong drugs to cure them. So, people can try consuming a bit of turmeric a bit every day to protect their liver.

3. Aid your Digestion

For those who are having a problem with their digestion, then consume turmeric. One of the turmeric benefits for health is it can aid your digestion. With the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, it will help make your digestion better. One of the ways to do this is by putting turmeric into hot boiling water and let it for 5 minutes. Then pour the water and let it cool down before you drink it. The next morning, you should be throwing away the garbage inside your stomach.

4. Help Reduce Cancer

This is not official either, but studies have shown a promising effect from consuming turmeric. The properties inside turmeric have been to protect other parts of the body from getting attacked from the virus. Some of the patients that have been using this are pancreatic cancer and prostate cancer. Hopefully, in the future, this ingredient helps prevent cancer.

5. Improve Brain Function

Turmeric contains neurons that are known as capable of forming new connections inside the brain. By creating new creations inside the brain, it will help improve the memory and usage of the brain. It also protects the brain from a disease that may attack the brain. So, it is safe to consume turmeric to kids, however, make sure the portion is right.

So, there are many turmeric benefits for Health that people can feel after consuming it. Even though there are many positive effects, there are also some negative effects too. Therefore, make sure to consume it in the right portion to get the positive effects.

Cowboys And Indians In Playtech Online Slots

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Reasons Why Do Human Need Sleep Enough

why do humans need sleep

Every day, people need at least seven to eight hours of sleep. The younger and older people are, they would need more time to sleep. People do not realize that they spend most of their time sleeping. Whether during the night or for nap time. However, a lot of people seem to underestimate the advantages of sleeping. This is proved by how lack of sleep people has and priority their activities. Whereas there many reasons why do humans need sleep enough every day?

Sleeping is important for the entire living creature, especially for a human. Provide time at least seven to eight hours for sleeping during the night. If not possible also take an hour of nap during the afternoon. However, people still do not pay attention to the reasons why do humans need sleep enough. Whereas, one of the keys to a healthy body is getting enough sleep. Here are the reasons why.

1. Get a Stabile Mental Health

Sleeping is important for stable mental health. Many people do not know that sleeping could affect a person’s mental health. With not getting enough sleep, it would affect a person’s brain and make the brain not work well and maximum. Moreover, it would affect the heart and feeling as well. That is why, after a person sleeps tight and long enough, they would feel better not only physically but also mentally.

2. Relax the Body and Brain

The next reason why do humans need sleep is to relax the body and brain. Not only that sleeping would relax the body, but also it would also throw away the negative immune. Starting from the brain and the whole body. With letting the body and brain to relax enough, it would then bring positive and stronger energy after waking up.  Another thing that happens during sleeping is that the inside body also gets to regenerate.

3. Get a Rest for the Whole Body

With getting enough sleep, people would not only get to relax their body and brain but also get rest. It would let the whole body inside to take a rest. However, there are also some parts of the body that precisely work during sleep. Most of them are intimal organs. That is why people must get enough sleep to let their organs work maximum.

4. Refresh the Mood and Gain Energy

The other reason on why do humans need sleep is because the refresh the mood and gain new energy. With sleeping, our body would get calm and throw away the negative and bad feeling. Moreover, during sleep as well, our body would charge new energy. That is why after sleeping, people would often feel refresh and energic.

5. Increase the Health

Another positive thing about sleeping is that it would increase health. During sleep also, our body would repair the damaged cells inside our bodies. This could only happen when people sleep. That is why the doctor often suggests sick people sleep more when they are sick. It is because sleeping would help people to get better when they are sick.

There are many reasons why do humans need sleep. Not only for their health but also for their mental and also mood as well. Moreover, make sure to sleep comfortably enough every night.

Best Tips For Healthy Kidneys To Protect Your Kidneys

best tips for healthy kidneys

The kidney is one of the most important organs in our body. It filters the blood from impurities, wasted substances, and excess water. All of them will be expelled through urine. It also controls the hormones that work in blood pressure and the production of red blood cells. So, if there are problems in kidneys‘ condition, it will also affect all of the body. That’s why it’s important to keep the health of the kidney. With these best tips for healthy kidneys, you can protect them from problems and keep the body healthy.

1. Be Active and Do The Exercises

The key to healthy kidneys is doing enough physical activities. You don’t have to run or doing a marathon as your exercises. Walking, cycling, or swimming, you can do whatever activities you like to move your body. 

Exercising can help you to prevent chronic kidney disease. It also can reduce your blood pressure so it will stay normal. And your heart will be improving which will affect the kidney’s health.

2. Eat Healthy Diet and Control The Weight

Eat a healthy diet is one of the best tips for healthy kidneys. To keep the kidney so it stays healthy, you should eat the foods that low in sodium. Don’t eat too much fast food as it has high sodium, instead eat a lot of vegetables such as cauliflower, blueberries, and fishes. 

Other than eating healthy foods, you also have to maintain a normal weight. Because people with obese or overweight tend to have a higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, and kidney disease. That’s why you should monitor your weight so you won’t be overweight or even obese.

3. Drink Water to Hydrate

The secret if having healthy kidneys is lies in the intake of water. Drink plenty of water can help to clear the kidneys from toxin and sodium which will lower the risk of getting chronic kidney disease. However, excess intake of water is not good for your kidneys as it will not improve the filter process if kidneys. The best way is to drinks enough amount of water. 

The condition of your health, as well as lifestyle, are the factors that you need to consider when you plan your water intake. You also should consider things such as climates, gender, and pregnancy. These factors also play in the amount of water you have to drinks 

4. Do Not Smoke

People have known that smoking is never do anything good for health. Rather, decreasing health and increase the risk of getting the disease. That also works on kidneys. Smoking will damage the blood vessel and make the blood flows slower. As a result, the flow of blood in the kidney will not be adequate. And so the kidneys can’t function well thus leads to kidneys disease.

Smoking also increases the risk of kidneys getting cancer. That’s why it’s s the best for you to stop smoking if you already smoke. And if you never smoke before, don’t ever try it.

The state of kidney health can affect the health and well-being of the body. And with the best tips for healthy kidneys, you can keep the health of kidneys to the maximum. As a result, not only your kidney will stay healthy, but the other organs will also healthy. 

Benefits Of Cumin Water During Pregnancy That You Should Know

benefits of cumin water during pregnancy

Pregnant women have long been accustomed to using black cumin oil or habbatus sauda oil as an additional nutrient in pregnant women.  Although there is no medical research on these benefits.  However, since a long time ago, pregnant women have been accustomed to using these herbal oils.  They believe that black cumin can provide many benefits during pregnancy.  What are the benefits?  You must know the benefits of Cumin Water During Pregnancy.

1. Blood Sugar Becomes More Stable

One of the benefits of cumin water during pregnancy is that it can make blood sugar stable.  Pregnant women often experience a weight gain that rises quite dramatically.  Unstable blood sugar in pregnant women is very dangerous for health.

High blood sugar will result in poor health in pregnant women and fetuses.  Especially when approaching childbirth, pregnant women who have high blood sugar, are not allowed to push too hard. Doctors also hesitate to decide Caesarean section on pregnant women who have high enough blood sugar.

Pregnant women who have high blood sugar can make the fetus unable to absorb nutrients perfectly.  Thus, drinking cumin oil can be beneficial for pregnant women to stabilize blood sugar.

2. Stabilize high blood pressure

Pregnant women also often suffer from high blood pressure.  If this happens, medical personnel will advise maintaining food intake.

Frequent movement and exercise during pregnancy can stabilize blood pressure.  One of the benefits of Cumin water during pregnancy is that it can stabilize blood pressure.  Pregnant women can take advantage of the benefits that parents used to do.  However, you should consult with a doctor beforehand

3. Remove stretch marks

Pregnant women often experience stretch marks, namely skin conditions that experience stretch suddenly, as a result of a significant increase in body weight, so the skin must adjust.

Besides the cream that is sold in the market.  Some herbal oils such as olive oil and cumin water can disguise these stretch marks.  The content contained in Cumin water is rich in vitamin E and can maintain skin elasticity.  Little by little the Stretch Marks will disappear slowly by applying the cumin water. That is the benefits of cumin water during pregnancy.

4. Providing Nutrition for Mother and Fetus

Cumin water contains omega 3 and omega 6, as well as essential oils, which function for fetal brain development and additional nutrition for pregnant women. Pregnant women need more vitamins and minerals to maintain their health and the fetus.  Utilizing cumin water can meet these needs.  Meeting additional nutrition for pregnant women is one of the best benefits pregnant women can get from cumin.

These are some of the benefits of cumin water during pregnancy.  Although there has been no medical research on these benefits, previous people have proven the efficacy and benefits for the health of pregnant women.  Because basically, the treatment and herbal ingredients refer more to the evidence of the health of previous people. Therefore, there are still many who use cumin water as a herbal concoction today.

Best Use Of Lemon For Skin- A Natural Way To Become Beautiful

best use of lemon for skin

Everybody knows that lemon is a fruit rich in vitamin C and good for the body. However, its usage doesn’t stop only there. Lemon is also going well with your skin. It contains substances that benefit your skin. That’s why it can help to maintain your beauty and your skin’s health. Therefore, how is the best use of lemon for skin? Let’s check it out.

1. Acne Treatment

One of the best use of lemon for skin is to treat the acne. The substances in lemon such as hydroxy acid (AHA) especially the alpha type, citric acid can help your skin to break down the dead skin. As you know the dead skin is the cause of blockheads, one of the noninflammatory acne. 

However, citric acid is not the only substance contained in lemon that can treat the acne. Because of lemon’s level of acid, it has quality as an astringent. Therefore, it can help to decrease the oil on the face and inflammation that can lead to acne forming.

3. Lighten The Skin

Age spots and acne scars often bring trouble to the appearance. That’s why a lot of people want to get rid of them or at least make them look thinner. That’s when lemon comes. It contains citric acid that can lighten the skin, thus hide your age spots and acne scars. Also, the citric acid in lemon can help to brighten the skin.

However, when you apply lemon on your skin, try hard not to expose in the sun or wear SPF. That because of citrus in lemon makes your skin more sensitive to the UV rays that can cause irritation on the skin.

3. Smoothing The Skin

Lemon is rich in vitamin C, thus when applying on the skin, it can increase the collagen level. As you know collagen is a protein that helps your skin to maintain its elasticity. However, as you get older, the collagen in your body also starts to breakdown. The decrease in collagen can result in wrinkles. 

When applying lemon, vitamin C that contained in it helps the skin from free radicals that try to damage the collagen. The result of this is the increasing level of the collagen that makes your skin smoother and free from wrinkles.

4. Prevent Acne

There are a lot of ways to use lemon for the face. One of them is to prevent acne forms on the face. It’s thanks to the nature of lemon as an antimicrobial effect that can control Propionibacterium acnes, a bacteria that causes acne to form.

But, lemon does not only have an antimicrobial effect, but it also has antifungal effects. With this effect, it can treat scalp fungus. 

There are many ways to make the best use of lemon for skin. However, there is one thing you must remember if you want to apply lemon on your skin. Since it contains high acid, it may irritate your skin, mainly if you have sensitive skin. 

That’s why you should check whether it is going well with your skin or not. And stop using it when you see any improvement in your skin.