4 Ways on How to Get Rid of Body Smell to Be More Confidence

how to get rid of body smell

Having a body odor surely makes you and the other around you feel uncomfortable. So, what are the methods on how to get rid of body smell?

For both men and women, body odor is a problem that can’t be ignored. Not only make you feel uncomfortable but it also causes a problem for others as well. The smell that lingering around your body can also become the cause of the lack of confidence.

The body odor can happen because the bacterias that live in your body breakdown the protein into certain acids. And the smell can get stronger depending on gender, diet, health condition, and medication. If you think that your body smell makes you uncomfortable, here are some methods to get rid of your body smell:

1. Keep The Body Clean

One of the methods on how to get rid of body smell is by having your body always clean. You should take a bath at least once a day to wash the sweat from your body. Although sweat usually is odorless, when contacting and mixing with the bacterias in your body, it will smell bad.

So, to prevent it, clean the sweat is the best way. To get free from the bad smell, you can wash the sweat in some parts of your body such as armpits, and feet. Those are the part of your body which tend to produce a lot of sweat.

2. Use Antibacterial Soap and Deodorant

As you know, the cause of body smell is the acids from the bacterias. So, remove some of the bacterias in your body will greatly improve your body odor. To do that, you can use antibacterial soap when you take a bath. Even though it can get rid of all of the bacterias, at least it can reduce the numbers thus also help your body odor.

Asides from the soap, you can also try to apply deodorant on your armpit. It can make your skin more acidic. As a result, the bacteria’s numbers will decrease as an acid environment make them difficult to thrive.

3. Wear The Right Clothes

You can reduce your body odor by wearing the right clothes made from natural fibers such as silk, cotton, and wool. The clothes made from those materials allow your skin to breathe easily thus makes the sweat evaporate better. As a result, your body will less smelly.

On the opposite, man-made fabrics such as spandex and polyester make the bacterias grow quicker and make your body smell get worse.

4. Be Careful of What You Eat

Some cases of bad body odor are caused by the food you’re eating. Spicy food, garlic, red meat, and excess caffeine or alcohol are some foods that likely will make your body smelly. That’s why it’s better to avoid those foods.

Though some foods can make your body odor worse, there are several foods that can improve your body odor. Fruits, herbs, and yogurts are examples of the foods that you can eat to get rid of your body smell.

Having a body smell is surely problematic. But, with the methods on how to get rid of body smell, you can be free or at least improve your body odor. And gain your confidence once more.