Visual Dares

July 5, 2012 in Flash Fiction

So I came out here, to the end of nowhere, or is it the start of somewhere? 

I wore shoes for traveling and a coat to keep warm.

I suppose I thought that if I made the effort, you’d meet me halfway but halfway is still too far, isn’t it?

Well, the walk was good and the view is fine and I have this sturdy umbrella to shelter my shattered pride.

They said it was going to be cold this winter.

If only I’d brought my gloves. 


I wrote this the first time I participated in Angela Goff's Visual Dare Challenge. 

Once a week, she posts a new photo and you can use it prompt in one of two ways:

     * Incorporate it into your current Work In Progress – literally, or figuratively
     * Use it as a 100 word flash fiction to get the brain going in a different creative direction.
This is a very fun exercise and we encourage you to give it a try!


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