JB Lacaden: Her Father’s Murderer

By JB Lacaden

The sharp blade of the ax glistened as light reflected from it. Every single night, Jessica made sure to sharpen it to perfection. It had almost become a ritual. She held it in her hands, took a few practice swings, before she placed it back inside the cupboard. Tonight, everything would come to an end. She smiled at the thought as she straightened her dress and seated herself by the dinner table. She waited.

It was about six in the evening when the doorbell rang. She stood up. The doorbell rang again. “Coming!” She shouted. She looked at herself in the mirror. Her face was painted like a doll. Her lips were red and her black hair was tied in a tight bun on top of her head. She stared at herself some more. She was pretty—prettier than most. She had a comely figure as well. There were countless of men who were ensnared by her beauty. One of those men was her current boss—the man who had killed her father. The doorbell rang again.

She made her way to the door. She twisted the knob and pulled the door open. Standing by her doorstep was a man though in Jessica's mind, he was more of a pig than man. He was severely obese. He had beady black eyes behind huge round spectacles. He was constantly sweating. But the most pig like quality he had was his greed. The man was the greediest person Jessica had known. That same greed was the reason why the man killed Jessica’s father.

He smiled when he saw her open the door. Jessica felt her skin crawl beneath her long sleeved dress. The man wiped his sweaty brow.

“Good evenin’ Jessica,” he said.

Jessica forced herself a smile. Tonight’s the night. She had to be just like what she practiced. “Hi Mr. Joel,” Jessica said, her voice dipped in honey. “Please come in! I’m sorry for making you wait,” she said as she stepped aside.

Mr. Joel’s beady black eyes did not leave Jessica’s body as the man entered inside. Jessica closed the door and faced her boss.

“You look lovely as always my dear,” he said.

“Oh Mr. Joel you’re just saying that,” Jessica said.

Mr. Joel gave a laugh. “I do not lie my dear. I say what I mean. You are very beautiful.” He took hold of Jessica’s hand and he kissed it.

Jessica wanted to quickly pull her hand away but she endured. She controlled herself. Everything must be perfect for tonight. Let him kiss her. Jessica smiled. “Now, I’m sure you’re starving,” Jessica said in her sing-song voice.

“Oh quite,” answered Mr. Joel, with a wide grin.

“Good, I’ve cooked us dinner. I’m sure business can wait,” Jessica led Mr. Joel to the dining area where plates have been placed. She seated the fat man in front of the cupboard. Joel thanked her with another kiss, this time on the cheek. Jessica cringed on the inside.

“What’ll we be having?” Mr. Joel asked as he rubbed his sweaty palms together.

“Oh, just a little something I’ve cooked up,” Jessica quietly opened the cupboard and reached inside for the ax. Mr. Joel turned his head to look back at Jessica. He saw the girl with both arms raised high, holding the ax, her face distorted by the lighting. He opened his mouth wide, the ax came down, and the scream in his throat died with him.



About Me: A writer working in the IT industry. A lover of science fiction and fantasy. I've been published online once and I have guest posted in Joe Bunting's thewritepractice website twice. My main goal would be to someday write my own book (and have it published). 

You can enjoy more of my stories on my blog or connect with me on Twitter


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