Dawn Nikithser: Contrary To Belief

June 28, 2012 in Guest Post

By Dawn Nikithser

“They say a kiss unites souls, you know. The spirit is carried on the breath and that’s how lovers fall in love.” 

“Guess you shouldn’t have gotten your tomato pie with extra garlic then, huh?”

“The ancients thought garlic was an aphrodisiac. In fact, Tibetan monks weren’t allowed to eat garlic, because they believed it inflamed the passions.”

“A Tibetan monk never had to sit next to you in the movie theatre after you ate said tomato pie.”

“And tomatoes are known as ‘love apples.’”

“You don’t say.”

“I do say. Some people even say the apple in the Garden of Eden was really a tomato. That’s why the French call them un pomme d’amour.”

“Or maybe they call them that because of a mistranslation of pomo d’Moro, which is what the Italians called them and what the French misheard. And then the French spread that little culinary mondegreen all over Europe and confused everyone. All because of a silly French tourist’s poor Italian.”

“My mother is French.”

“And mine’s Italian.”

“I guess this will never work.”

“Quite so, I’m afraid.”

“I’m going to get some popcorn. With butter.”

“They say the smell of buttered popcorn is an aphrodisiac.”

“Do they?”

“Yes. Get a large. And plan to share.”



Dawn Nikithser has been writing since she could hold a crayon in her fat baby hand. She is pleased to say her handwriting has improved since then, but still feels it's better to carry her iPad everywhere.

You can enjoy more of Dawn's stories on her blog or connect with her on Twitter.

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