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June 22, 2012 in Friday Night Write


I'm super excited to introduce another of SBI's reoccuring features: FRIDAY NIGHT WRITE.

One of the great things about being part of a creative community is that you get a sense that maybe you really aren't as weird as your less-creative or non-creative friends and family think you are.

That feeling is false, of course, because being weird or different or unusual is part of the creative person's job description!

But before I digress any further, let me get to the point. This year, I've really been enjoying the various flash fiction challenges the writing community offers.

  • Menage Monday
  • Motivation Monday
  • Tuesday Tales
  • Thursday Threads
  • Friday Picture Show
  • Five Sentence Fiction
  • Visual Dare
  • 55 word Challenge
  • Write For Ten

Feel free to mention your favorite flash challenge (or one I overlooked) in comments below.

Each one has it's own twist: a strict word count, a word prompt, a photo prompt and every combination imaginable … except for one thing.

Not one of them offers MUSIC as a prompt.

So going full circle and bringing it back around to the "maybe you really aren't as weird as you look/seem/act/behave' idea, I got all amped up thinking that perhaps I was every bit as odd as I feared – and all because nobody else was singing the blues with me – or gospel or southern rock, for that matter. 

Thing is, I get LOTS of story ideas from music prompts. Classical, country or contemporary, it has all inspired me.

So, today, I’d like to invite you to join me for a new kind of flash fiction challenge.



1 Song

48 Hours

500 Words

Here’s how it will work.

I’ll post a music prompt at 5pm pacific on Friday

Listen to the music

Let it stir up a story 

Post the story in the comment box

Comments will close at 5 pm pacific on Sunday


  • The music is merely a prompt.
  • The story need not contain any reference to band or lyrics. 
  • If FNW finds an audience, we’ll talk about judges, winners and prizes but for now, we’ll keep it simple.


Okay then, now that you're convinced I'm odder than a barrel full of lilly-livered cactus, I'm gonna wrap this up by saying that FRIDAY NIGHT WRITE goes live tonight at 5 pm pacific. I sure hope you'll join us!



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