Friday Night Write ~ Sweet Home Alabama

June 22, 2012 in Friday Night Write

Welcome to the first edition of Friday Night Write


  • 1 Song (see image right)
  • 48 Hours (Friday @ 5pm to Sunday @ 5pm pacific)
  • 500 Words (story or poem)


  • New prompt posts at 5pm pacific on Friday
  • Listen to the music here
  • Let it stir up a story
  • Post your story in the comment box below
  • Comments will close at 5 pm pacific on Sunday

The Fine Print

  • The story does not have to contain any reference to the song. 
  • The music is merely the catalyst for your muse. 


Questions? Give us a holler via email ( or twitter (@bullishink). We look forward to writing alongside you this weekend! Can't wait to see what Skynyrd stirs up!



Friday Night Write

June 22, 2012 in Friday Night Write


I'm super excited to introduce another of SBI's reoccuring features: FRIDAY NIGHT WRITE.

One of the great things about being part of a creative community is that you get a sense that maybe you really aren't as weird as your less-creative or non-creative friends and family think you are.

That feeling is false, of course, because being weird or different or unusual is part of the creative person's job description!

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