Writers on the Internet Fan Experience

June 18, 2012 in Essay

Hiya!  Bliss here…Welcome to Sweet Banana Ink.  

I’ll be starting out with a four part series: Writers on the Internet Fan Experience.

I’ve been thinking about writers and their online presence and their interaction with the public online.  Online self-promotion is a big part of life for a writer these days. It’s inexpensive, direct and widespread. Brilliant all in all.  But lately it’s been a bit like the Wild West on some of the writer/reader/reviewer sites.  I don’t want to get into the specifics of these shootouts (if you’re curious check out this post at The Midnight Garden by Wendy Darling and on Stacia Kane’s blog here and here, read at your own risk, there is strong language used on Stacia’s site.)  The above examples are about writers getting aggressive with reviewers and then readers joining in to the insanity. The unpleasant nature of it all made me start to wonder that if writers didn’t HAVE to do all of that blogging and tweeting to promote their books, would they?   So I wrote up four questions that I sent out to some of the traditionally published writers that I know have blogs and are fairly active online.


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